Is This The World's Most Bizarre Afternoon Tea?

When it comes to new experiences, I think that there is one new one that you may not have heard about, even if you are a well seasoned traveler. It has an edge of zen mixed with an edge of excitement. Would you pay 100$ per person for tea? No.? Well how about if you knew that your tea woudl be served to you buckled into a high flying treepod experience in the thai jungle. Located on the Koh Kood island is a large human-crafted imitation of a birds nest. The waiter will whoosh in on a zipline through a piece of the jungle that has been cleared out for just this reason. There is also a kitchen, so you prefer more nourishment, you can have a bit more than tea. Served high up with the birds is a basket full of cake, and fruit, all reported to be good, but really any better just because it is high up.

How do you get up there though? You might think that it is a climb to the top, but in fact it is a levy style system that brings you up about 15 feet off the ground and into the trees. If for some reason the contraption fails, you will be ziplined backed to safety. Hmm...that sort of sounds like fun. The treepods are not only full of character but they are sturdy feeling made from wood and rattan.

So how does one get to this interest tea experience, and what will it cost? Well, you can take Thai airways (or your airline of choice) and then if you have the extra means, spend 600$ a night to stay at the Bayview Pool Villa Suites. For more details and link about this tree pod dining experience, check out the link below to the Telegraph website.

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