It Looks Like An Ordinary School Bus But Inside? Pure Style, Luxury And Comfort

Modern, comfortable and full outfitted, this 2001 GMC Bluebird school bus is unlike any school bus you or I took to school. With a fully equipped kitchen, complete with a small oven, fridge, and stove, the owners can enjoy delicious home-cooked meals on their cross-country tour. The lounge couch pulls double duty with its clever storage underneath, and there is plenty of storage in the kitchen area as well as at the back of the bus. The private bedroom with skylight is cozy and comfortable. There is a full shower and a composting toilet. 3 solar panels along with propane help supply all the electrical power the young couple requires for their household and workplace use. Equipped with two computer workstations, their office travels with them.

Stories such this one are regularly featured on 'Tiny House For Us', often becoming the inspiration and catalyst for those looking to take the plunge into tiny house living. While it looks like an ordinary school bus but inside? Pure style, luxury and comfort await. This couple often spent 12+ hours a day over 5 months to complete the transformation. And what an extraordinary job they did! You can check out tiny houses such as this one, or search for other tiny house plans. Looking to purchase a tiny house, or perhaps rent one? Do you have a tiny house and need a place to park it? Do you have a tiny house for rent or for sale? 'Tiny House For Us' is a free online listing site for tiny houses. You can also read the latest on the tiny house movement and find fabulous tips and resources for tiny house living.

Take a look at the incredible transformation of the 20011 GMC Bluebird school bus by heading over to 'Tiny House For Us' or by following the link below. Check out how this couple is taking their careers on the road in a bus they converted themselves!

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