It Only Took Two Minutes to Cool Her Drink with This Amazing Trick

So we just had a big party on the weekend, and everyone brought their preferred drinks over. We were having a great time, but the fridge and freezer were overflowing with various beverages, and it was hard to get everything chilled for the people who wanted a refill or a second drink.

We had a lot of ice on hand, and everyone was giving us suggestions on what to do. We turned it into a bit of a game and were using wet paper towels and wrapping them around drinks and putting them in the freezer as another online article suggested. While waiting a friend mentioned to put ice in a big bowl and add salt to the solution. The reason for using salt ice water instead of plain ice water is because salt solution freezing point is lower than regular/plain ice water.

This is important for the cooling process as, even though, the actual temperature of the salt/ice water versus the non-salt/ice water is the same. The solution has more water in it due to a lower freezing point (and the best way to conduct heat is through water and not ice, in this case). It worked out great, and the drinks that were chilled in the salt/ice solution were chilled within a couple of minutes while everyone else's were slowly chilling in the fridge and freezer. Next time we throw a party we are going to fill a large cooler with ice and salt and use that instead of taking up all the room in the fridge.

Oh and in the morning some leftover beers in the freezer had exploded overnight, so we had an extra mess to clean that could have been avoided if we used the salt/ice solution. If you are planning on hosting a party, you should watch the video below for ideas to chill beverages quickly.

Watch the You Tube Video below for more.

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