Italian Sausage Crescent Cheese Balls

If you are like many people, you are most likely looking forward to the holidays, and all of the yummy kinds of food you can make and eat! This Italian Sausage Crescent Cheese Balls recipe could be one of those great appetizers that you put on your list of things to make this year. We can all appreciate simple recipes that are very easy to put together and take little to no time at all to make, yet they turn out fabulously in the end, and everyone loves them. This definitely looks like it could fit the bill just perfectly. So make sure you add this one to your list to try out this year on your family and friends. You never know, it could be a hit!

Like everyone else, the author of The Two Bite Club, Becky, is excited for the holidays. She admits to loving when fall time comes around, because it means that Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming. Being a food blogger, she loves the make food obviously, and she really loves to share the food she makes with her family and friends, so holiday time is a very exciting time for her to make a bunch of new recipes to try out. She also loves to taste test them all herself of course and don't we all. Isn't that the best part of making recipes after all? W all have to admit that the reason we make food is so we can try out new and fun recipes. To see which ones are a hit, and that we will perhaps continue to make year after year.

The ingredients are very simple in this holiday recipe. You only need several things to get you these sausage crescent cheese balls. You use Pillsbury crescent roll dough, that you roll out and cut into little mini pieces to be mixed in with the rest of the ingredients. Lots of mozzarella cheese is used in this recipe as well, and some Italian sausage, Becky used turkey sausage, but you can use any kind that you like to. All of the chopped up sausage, Pillsbury crescent dough and cheese, is rolled into balls after it is mixed in a bowl, and then baked in the oven until ready. What an easy cheese ball recipe right? These can be done in no time at all and on the table for people to enjoy. Becky even recommends making a double batch of them if you are serving them to a larger crowd, because they will go fast.

They will fly off the plate especially quickly if you serve them with the nice dip recipe she has provided, which is what she uses to serve them with. This is a parmesan, herb greek yogurt dip that is made with parmesan cheese, milk, greek yogurt, herbs and spices, and some garlic as well. Sounds like the perfect compliment to these Italian Sausage Crescent Cheese Balls, don't you think? Becky even shares on her website, all of the deals happening for Pillsbury products and the dates they will be on sale at a specific grocery store. That can be very helpful for keeping on a budget. Make sure you save this recipe to make for the holidays, it would be a hit with everyone. Something new and exciting to try out for the holidays. You could even put little cute decorative toothpicks in the sausage balls, for some added holiday cheer. It would also make them easier to dip and to eat. Enjoy this recipe and more from The Two Bite Club! Make sure you pin it on Pinterest and share with all of your friends, because if they try these at your Christmas gathering, they will totally want this Italian sausage crescent cheese ball recipe from you. Happy Holidays!

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