Jalapeno Cheese Wonton Poppers

Are you into spicy food? Because this food we have here is somehow a little…ok, not a little. Let me give you this warning first: This recipe will turn you red and hot. You might need a gallon of water. Or more, depends on you. If you ask me, I would prefer the latter. Because your mouth is going to be on fire! Not literally, of course. Well, for those who are up for spicy foods, Jalapeno Cheese Wonton Popper would certainly fit your perfect taste for spicy foods. Well, the Jalapeno is the main culprit for this. Ok, not culprit. For pro-spicy people, Jalapeno is the main star for this recipe. But wait…I'm pretty sure you know Jalapenos by name. However, do you know Jalapenos more than its name? Well, let me share little things to you about this well-love chili pepper. Jalapenos are from Mexico. For your information, the name is derived from the provincial capital of Eastern Mexican Veracruz state, Xalapa. These chili peppers become famous and world-wide known because of the Spanish explorers. According to the website ‘Nutrition and You’, Jalapenos are “perennial small herbaceous plant with woody stem growing up to a meter in height. It grows well under fertile, well-drained soil conditions.” Just like some other plants, Jalapenos need enough sunlight and moisture requirements for flower and fruiting conditions. Yes, you read that right. Jalapeno plants produce flowers too. They are tiny and white in color. And when you talk about health benefits, Jalapenos have something to offer too. They help reduce LDL-cholesterol level, especially for those who are obese. Jalapenos are rich in Vitamin C too! You try the ripe ones; they have more of this vitamin. They also contain antioxidants like vitamin A and flavonoids. These antioxidants “help to protect the body from injurious effects of free-radicals generated from stress and disease conditions.”Well, challenge accepted. I am going to make this Jalapeno Cheese Wonton Popper. Are you ready? Because I am! Oh wait…let me get water. *gets 5 gallons of water* Now we're talking! Now it is time for you to enjoy! The link to the recipe is found on the "Brooklyn Farm Girl" website below.

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