Jamie Oliver has Won a Battle Against McDonalds & Fast Food

Famous chef, Jamie Oliver has won a fantastic victory against the largest fast food restaurant in the world. Oliver, is a 39 year old English well-known celebrity chef from Clavering and is familiarly known more for his global campaign for excellent food education as well as his numerous media television show appearances. Following a show which showed how McDonald's hamburgers are made, the company accounted that it was going to change it's recipe.

Apparently, according to Jamie Oliver; the fatty parts of McDonalds beef are washed in ammonium hydroxide and used within the burgers filling. However before this process, the beef is considered unsafe for human consumption. Or in other words, McDonalds is taking a product which would have otherwise been sold in the cheapest way for dogs and after this process, is being given to humans. In addition to the low quality issue, the ammonium is harmful to a persons health. As studies show, most of the symptoms of ammonium hydroxide could lead to difficulty in breathing due to inhalation, severe abdominal pain, vomiting, irritation, necrosis or holes in your skin tissue, loss of vision and too much or too little acid in the blood are only few of the signs.

Why would anyone put meat filled with ammonia in the mouths of their children? On another of Jamie Oliver's initiatives, he demonstrates how nuggets are made. After choosing the best parts of a chicken, the remaining parts like the fat, skin and organs are processed for fast foods. Basically, anything can be made to taste good with enough oil, fat and flavouring. Grinding down the basic structure into a sort of jelly or pudding which is then fried up and presented as chicken or beef. McDonalds denied the decision to change it's recipe as being related to Jamie Oliver's campaign. And just another example of big business and dirty politics, the issue was abandoned and was cast aside leaving McDonalds to deny their decision to change their recipe.