Jamie Oliver's Traditional English Cornish Pasties with Beef Onion Potatoes and Carrots

This classic "Jamie Oliver's Traditional English Cornish Pasties with Beef Onion Potatoes and Carrots" recipe are perfect for cold weather comfort food, in a portable pocket full of good ingredients. The nice thing about this Cornish pasties recipes is that they freeze nicely, so you can just take them out of the freezer when you need them, for lunch or dinner they are sure to please.

This English Cornish pastries recipe is delicious and easy to do, you'll want to be sure and use some skirt steak and chop that and the vegetables exactly as detailed in the recipe, so you have the perfect equation, so the filling ingredients will cook at the same time. This pastry recipe served with salad , mustard and beer is pure happiness as Oliver would say. The ingredients you will need for the filling recipe include beef skirt steak or chuck steak, preferably naturally raised and grass fed cut into 1/3 inch dice, diced yellow or white onion, peeled and diced carrots, salt, freshly ground pepper, extra virgin olive oil, chopped fresh thyme and chopped fresh rosemary. While the pastry chills in the refrigerator you can start to prepare your filling recipe. To start preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and combine the chopped beef, onion, potatoes, and carrots in a large bowl. Add the salt, pepper, olive oil, thyme, and rosemary and mix well and set aside. Then cut the prepared pastry into 6 equal pieces and shape each one into a flat disc. On a lightly floured surface, gently roll out each piece of pastry into a 9 inch round . If the dough starts to stick to the work surface or your rolling pin, you can sprinkle it with a small amount of flour.

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