Japanese Court: Cheating Is Fine, So Long As It's For Business

Each country has its own set of customs and rules that people follow, and when you travel you really get to see the diversity from one place to another. Here's a story featured on a news site showcasing a hearing by a Japanese Court: cheating is fine, so long as it's for business. Now the title sounds odd and is very controversial, but it's a real thing that just recently happened. This type of hearing isn't the first of its kind either, there have been many cases where the concept of cheating comes up in court, and where the married person essentially gets released scotch free and the person they cheated with ends up being charged for their actions. It seems a little silly but that's exactly what happened in this last court hearing in Japan.

The back story is that a business man went to a club, and ended up sleeping with the hostess. This same interaction happened for the length of seven long years. When the wife finally found out what her husband was doing, she went after the hostess to try and get a total sum of 4 million dollars in compensation for the "psychological damage" she went through in consequence of these events.

Now that's a lot of money, and you might be thinking it's crazy. What's even crazier is the fact that the judge ruled that the hostess would not have to pay for what she did because it was in the name of "business". There are women in Japan who are specifically there to sleep with the business men who come through, in order to attract them as recurring clients in the future. This sexual act is said to be okay because it's essentially part of their job.

In light of this, the judge ruled that the hostess was performing a similar act and that she should not be fined anything for simply doing her job. Now you may or may not agree with the final decision, but either way it's interesting to read about how different countries handle certain situations. The article finishes by pointing out how fascinating it is that the man in question was never once put on the spot to answer why he was cheating in the first place, and what his consequence should be. If you want to read the full article, then go on and click on the link below to get redirected to the "Diply" site.

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