Jaw Dropping Horsemanship SECRETS

In the 1800, a horse expert named Daniel Sullivan, rehabilitate horses with his “horse whispering” skills. The method used was so mysterious during those times and that he was the only person that could “communicate” with horses. Afterward, Willis J. Powell learned from Sullivan and moved to America to rehabilitate more horses. Later on, Powell collaborated with John Solomon Rarey.

Working with horses is great and at the same time gentle art because you obtain the understanding of their accepted behavioral nature. Natural horsemanship is the training of horses using certain methods grounded on the natural behavior of horses in the wild and uses it to train them psychologically and help them. The amazing horsemanship and horse training promotes trust and union between the trainer himself and the horse. This kind of connection is the same with the kind of connection the horses would have within a herd. Thus, the horse will fully trust the trainer.

The methods in training the horse bind the horse with its own natural instinct and body language therefore it will allow the trainer to see signs whether the horse is angry, sad, anxious, threatened, submissive or aggressive. The ear, head carriage, body, and leg position will easily determine their action accordingly.

When it comes to the trainer, it is important that the trainer must be experienced with the behavior of the horses and be assertive enough to watch the unexpected behavioral changes of the horse. If natural horsemanship is done in a proper way, the horse will gain more self-confidence and will trust their trainer immediately.

It is the voice of the trainer that will help the horse to calm down. The trainer needs to study how the horse behaves among its herd in the wild, apply it to himself, and assert his authority over the horse, the horse will definitely submit to the trainer in no time.

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