Just In Time for the Holidays! A Gingerbread Kings-Landing!

This gingerbread house just might be the coolest recipe ever. Just In Time for the Holidays! A Gingerbread Kings-Landing! The whole gingerbread house recipe isn't edible, but some of it are. This amazing Gingerbread Kings-Landing gingerbread recipe was made For Taste of London 2015, by the award-winning cake designer and sugar artist Michelle Wibowo make the awesome replica of the popular HBO show.King's Landing is in the Westerosi capital, and the replica is made entirely out of gingerbread, along with some sugary embellishments. There are lots of great details from the Great Sept of Baelor, the Dragon Pit, and the Red Keep. You'll want to take a look at all the step by step photos of the process on the site. You can see the before and after photos, from gingerbread batter to the baked gingerbread cookie recipe, and then after as King's Landing.

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Gingerbread was first brought to Europe all the way back in 992 by an Armenian monk named Gregory of Nicopolis. He left Nicopolis Pompeii so that he could live in Bondaroy in France. He lived there for seven years and taught French Christians to bake gingerbread. He died in 999. Then during the 13th century, the gingerbread recipe was brought to Sweden by German immigrants. There are also early references from the Vadstena Abbey that show how Swedish nuns had been baking gingerbread recipe so they could ease indigestion in 1444. It became a custom to bake white biscuits and then paint them as window decorations.

There are different gingerbread recipes and variations, depending on the country where they are baked. For example in Germany, the gingerbread recipe is made from two forms. A soft gingerbread recipe is called Lebkuchen, and then a harder gingerbread recipe that you will find at carnivals and street markets, like the popular Christmas markets that occur in several German towns. The hard gingerbread recipe can be made into decorative shapes, which are then decorated with icing and sweet treats. The tradition that we know of cutting gingerbread into shapes that take on other forms exists in several countries. A good example is the gingerbread man. The gingerbread cookie recipe traditionally were dunked in port wine.

Whatever gingerbread cookie recipe that you try, it is sure to be a tradition that is passed on from generation to generation. Gingerbread houses are most popular at Christmas, shaped as all sorts of tiny houses with lots of icing used as snow, and treats decorating the cookie recipe.

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