Kayak instructor builds tiny woodland home for $11,000

When it comes to tiny house building, the sky is the limit. A Kayak instructor builds a tiny woodland home for $11,000 and shows just how great small house living can be. In this economy younger adults are finding it harder to buy houses, sometimes impossible with the prices as they are. It can be devastating to feel like you'll never be able to own your own house, and get used to just renting for the rest of your life. Which is why tiny house building has become a phenomenon. People are finding creative ways to own their own homes against all odds, and they are embracing a minimalist approach. Brian Schultz, the owner and builder of this adorable woodland house, was one of the people who knew there had to be a better way to homeownership than having to tie into an expensive mortgage the rest of his working life. So, he started gathering and collecting recycled and salvaged wood left over from projects, some of it found in the water as he was kayaking. Whole trees that had already fallen in the forest also became pieces of Brian's charming abode, eventually creating a magical little cabin in the woods.

It's hard to believe that such a beautifully constructed home only cost a bit more than $10,000. The home is 14 feet by 16 feet and has a main floor where the kitchen, living room and bathroom is, and then an upper loft area connected by really beautifully crafted stairs that Brian built himself. Brian implemented the Japanese style of minimalism into the tiny house design, so even though it's a small space, it feels quite spacious and bright. Our homes are able to feel more spacious when we reduce clutter and keep it minimal, with ample floor space to move around on. It's when you fill up every wall with stuff that things begin to feel a bit more closed in. Plus, all of the great windows that Brian included in the tiny house design really help with this feeling of openness. When it came time to the tiny house building process, Brian did the work himself, which looks absolutely beautiful. He also uses a futon mattress for his bed on the floor in the loft, which has been known for it's long term health benefits. Instead of a sofa, he has a platform with bamboo mats and comfortable cushions to sit on.

The tiny house is heated by a wood burning stove which also has two burners on top for cooking and heating water. The ambiance within the home is absolutely peaceful and serene, with the low, soft lighting and the views from the windows exposing the greenery of the surrounding forest. He even stores a beautiful wooden canoe and oars on the cathedral ceiling which is high enough to accommodate that. If you love looking a photos of tiny house design, this will definitely be one that you will want to take a look at. There are so many inspiring tiny houses being built all the time now as people catch onto what a great lifestyle small house living can bring. Simplifying your life doesn't mean getting rid of everything it just means keeping the things that really matter to you and getting rid of the excess. People could enjoy a life of simplicity that gives them more time to do the things they love and spend time with those they care about. Enjoy looking at the gorgeous photos of this tiny house in the forest, and be sure to share the tiny house inspiration with others.***

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