KFC Coleslaw

Are you looking for a really tasty coleslaw recipe? The recipe we are featuring is called 'KFC Coleslaw' and is is made with three healthy ingredients. The recipe for the salad dressing is going to offer you that coleslaw you have cravings for as it has a combination of tasty ingredients.

Do you realize the great health benefits from eating cabbage! To begin with, cabbage is ideal for weight loss. One cup of cooked cabbage only has 33 calories. This brain food is also high in fibre and low in fat.Cabbage is packed with Vitamin K and anthocyanins. This helps your brain, with functions like concentration and mental function. These nutrients work to prevent nerve damage. Red cabbage is highest in these nutrients, and they also improve your defense system again diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia. There is such a long list of the healthy benefits from eating cabbage. Using cabbage in recipes like coleslaw are the perfect way to be consuming the amazing vegetable. Cooking cabbage and making it a part of your diet with other cabbage recipes is something to consider if this health food is not yet a part of your diet.

If you eat a lot of carrots, you can forget about taking Vitamin A pills because this power food is loaded with A and so much goodness. You can eat raw carrots in so many ways and for anyone on a diet, what a great food choice. Carrots are inexpensive and if you want to keep a youthful appearance, include them into your healthy diet. Use fresh, organic sweet carrots in this coleslaw recipe and you will just not be able to eat enough!

Onions are used in most savory dishes and in salads as they offer tremendous flavor to food. Did you know that onions have also been recognized over the ages for its medicinal properties?

All three of these vegetables also are available year round in the grocery stores. If you think you want to consume more fat loss foods, start to include a healthy coleslaw to your daily routine.

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