Lady Starts Crocheting over an LED Lights Strand. By the End? Try Not to Adore the Result

If you're looking for some diy crafts for home, you have to see this one. This lady starts crocheting over an LED light strand, and by the end, you will probably adore the result. People have unlimited amounts of creativity, so it's awesome that there are so many great diy ideas available online. In this age of technology, it would be pretty hard to stay bored with all of the different activities and projects there are to try. Stepping away from the computer to create art or a craft is something we can all benefit from. Fun diy projects can be enjoyed by kids, which also helps them express their creative side while limiting their screen time. Diy crafts for home can provide a fun activity for all family members to do as a shared effort, and when the project is finished, it can find a spot in the home to be enjoyed for years to come. Luckily, All Tips Ideas has tons of great diy ideas that they share on their website. Some of them even come with a video to walk you through the project step by step so you can see exactly how it's done.

This particular project is one of the many diy crafts for home that they feature on the website, and it will be sure to bring some extra warmth and light to any room. If you have crocheted before, this project will be a breeze. Even if you've never crocheted anything in your life, you can find some great tutorials online that will help you learn the art of crocheting. This project only involves a simple crochet stitch using thick wool around a thick, plastic LED lighting rope. The LED lighting rope used for this project can be found at any hardware store or department store in the lighting section. They would be particularly very easy to find during Christmas time, and if you can't find them in your area, you can also order one online to be delivered to your home. You can get a few different colours, but for this project they used white since it will match with any decor. There are also red, green and sometimes blue or purple LED light ropes.

Thick yarn like the type that is used in this diy project, may have to be special ordered as well, but there are plenty of shops online that sell items like this. For this project they used white yarn, which, as you can see in the photo of the finished project, really allows the light to come through and has that cool, dreamy effect. You could use any colour you like, but just be aware that the darker colours may not show the light through as well as the lighter colours of yarn. Other fun projects that involve using this thick yarn include hand knitting, where you use your arms and hands as knitting needles to make blankets, scarves, sweaters, or rugs with huge stitching. They look really cool and would be really fun to make, even for the beginner crocheter. For this project, the act of crocheting onto the light rope gathers the rope into a spiral shape that makes the perfect light up rug. These rugs would be awesome to use in a kid's room for night time, or even in a hallway to light up the path to the bathroom at night. They would also look really beautiful as wall hangings above a couch or a bed. How would you style your LED light rug? Enjoy this idea and many other great diy ideas from All Tips Ideas, there is definitely something for everyone.***

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