Lazy Daisy Cake

A boring afternoon with nothing to do but stare into a blank space can be a rather productive one when you know how to bake a cake. But okay, we know how that could sound like a lot of work but trust us when we say, that it is going to be fun! Baking is indeed a tiring activity for those whose passion is not exactly involving the kitchen, but once you learn to embrace the fun in it; you will realize that it may not be tiring at all.

It is all going to be worth it anyway once you see the final product of your labor. Today we tackle a cake to bake but don’t worry, because it is not one of those complicated ones that you see in shows like Cake Boss. This is so easy to bake and you could use it for parties and other special occasions.

This particular cake is called the Lazy Daisy Cake. You must admit that you are now quite intrigued on why was it named like that. The explanation is simple, because it wouldn’t take you long to bake it and the ingredients and even the whole cooking is so easy to deal with. In the end, you will still have a moist and tender yellow cake without having to put so much effort in finishing it. After baking the cake, you will then focus on its toppings. You will need to create a candy coated topping for this to happen. It won’t take long anyway because just a few minutes with some sugar in your broiler will usually do the trick.

Your parties and afternoons will no longer be ordinary when you have this cake on your dining table. To know more about the recipe, check out the Cinnamon-Spice & Everything Nice website below.

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