Learn One Simple Trick to Make This Old-Timey Pudding Low-Fat

Tapioca pudding was one of my favorite desserts when I was a kid. I would always crave the comforting, delicious and soothing creamy pudding with white bubble pearls. This would be a perfect dessert for spending time with my family and friends reminiscing the past. But since there are so many pre-made puddings from grocery stores, you donít see it that much anymore. Many parents find it time consuming as it requires careful stirring until the tapioca is cooked. But actually, it is very easy to make tapioca pudding because of instant tapioca available in the market.

Tapioca is made of cassava which is processed to become starch. This is used as a thickener for food dishes but sometimes it becomes stringy when overcooked and frequently stirred. This is why the starch is processed into small balls that are par-cooked by steaming. These balls are made clear or white and their size is like a quarter of a pea. They become double in size when boiled. When this processed starch is added into pudding, they both became thickener and now how have these chewy sweet ball gels.

Now, in order to make your tapioca pudding faster, it is best to use quick-cooking tapioca. This tapioca is in the form of pearls. It quickly absorbs the cooking liquid to rehydrate, thickening the liquid in the process. Tapioca pudding is cooked with milk, eggs and sugar and sometimes it is yummy to flavor it with chocolate, coconut or other fruity flavors. It would be great to make some kid-friendly version by having brightly colored tapioca pearls. And to make this low in fat, since it is not a low-carb food because it is pure starch, you can use milk rather than cream. The recipe of this comfort food is very easy to follow. Just visit the website of Simply Recipes and start making your sweet tapioca pudding.

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