Learn The Trick: How To Build A Smoke Pit Of Your Own

Have you ever considered having a smoke pit in your backyard? If you have, then this tutorial is perfect for you, because it will teach you how to build your own smoke pit. You may have everything you need on hand already, so it will take little to no investment depending on how stocked up you are. Once again this tutorial is featured on the fabulous "Instructables" website where their motto is "Share what you make", so you get all sorts of incredibly ingenious ideas explained by real people like you and me who already went out and built something themselves. Sometimes you get an article where the photos aren't too great, since often times these people either use their phones or a low quality camera, but this one is actually really well done - simple and perfect.

Are you wondering why you even need a smoker? If not continue on, if you are wondering on the other hand then let me explain to you why you need one in your life. Now if you have ever had the chance to taste a slice of smoked meat, then you know the amount of flavor and depth present is unparalleled. There's a smokiness that can only be captured using a specific technique, which requires a ton of smoke to work. Like it says in the article, you can go ahead and use your barbecue to try and acquire that delicious smoky flavor, but the trouble is that it's not quite that smoky since it doesn't retain it very well. The other option is to go out and buy your very own smoker. Yeah that sounds great and convenient, because it is, but like all things convenience comes at a cost. And that cost is incredibly high. If you have the cash flow to shell out, then feel free to go ahead and invest in one of those babies. However, if you're like me and many others in the population, you might want to consider learning how to build your own smoke pit, and save that money for the meat you're going to cook up.

The goal is to get as much smoke into the meat as humanly possible, so building your own smoke pit is a great way to achieve that. All you need to start making it is a shovel, some sort of metal lid (salvaged is perfectly acceptable and even encouraged), some drainage rocks, some bricks, and finally a grill of some sort to place the meat onto. Once you have all these things, all you need to do is dig a hole, throw the rocks in, put the bricks around the pit, and finally add the grill and lid. Voila, as easy as one, two, three.

For all of you who live in a dry climate there is a small disclaimer with a few additional steps that might be required, so make sure to keep an eye out for that. But if you're lucky enough not to live somewhere super dry, then this should take you no longer than an hour to set up. Then once its done, you can feel free to enjoy smoky meats as long as the warm weather permits! Admittedly, I'm not sure whether its usable in the winter with all the snow, but assuming you keep all the snow cleared away... maybe you could? Either way, you'll be able to enjoy it for at least half the year which is a good amount! Have fun enjoying your smoky meats using your very own smoke pit!

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