Lemon Chocolate Cake

Forgot making a boring chocolate cake and make this Lemon Chocolate Cake today! Treat yourself from a long week of work, and make your kids smile with the sweetness of this cake. With a package of chocolate cookies, some lemons, and a few other ingredients, you will have a cake that everyone will love in no time! Stop making boxed cake, and try this scrumptious Lemon Chocolate Cake today! You will be glad you did, and your family will thank you.

If you are headed to a party or looking for something to make as for dessert for your family, then this is the cake you want to choose! It is simple to make, flavorful, and nothing compares to how chocolate and lemon compliment each other! Almost everyone will love how these two flavors mesh. Mixing chocolate cookies and margerine in a blender forms the dough. Once you cover a pie dish with these crumbs and bake it in the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for ten minutes, you will let it sit as you make the tasty lemon filling. The filling is the best part! The condensed milk combined with lemon juice creates a creamy filling that when eaten, makes you smile. It is that good! Once the filling has been made and placed on top of the tough, this cake needs to be refrigerated for four hours until it has hardened. Then, it is ready to consume! Donít worry about whether it is healthy or not. Eat until you are satisfied, and enjoy each bite! I promise I will not judge you, and either will your family as they indulge in their own slice.

Lemons are native to Asia, and today, are used around the world to add flavor to many dishes or just make fresh lemonade. While their exact origin is not known, it is believed they were first grown in an area northeast of India. Some studies also suggest that a lemon is a hybrid between citron and a sour orange. There are many varieties of lemons, and many dishes made from them. It is a flavor that compliments many flavors as well, including chocolate. In this Lemon Chocolate Cake, you can taste the richness of chocolate with the sweetness of lemon. It is too good to only have one slice!

There is so much about lemons that we love. Did you know that lemons are very good for you? It is a good idea to have a glass of water with some fresh lemon juice squeezed in it every morning to start your day. Lemons are known to be very alkalizing to the body, and that is a good thing. It may seem surprising that lemons are alkalizing, when they are so acidic to fast, but when they are in the body they become alkaline forming. Surprisingly this sunny citrus fruit is one of the most alkaline forming foods you can eat. Having lemons in your diet is a great way to help balance your body.

Lemons are a popular staple in kitchens the world over. They are something that you should always have in your house. Whether you need them to add to a recipe such as guacamole, a nice tahini sauce, or some hummus. Lemons also taste good in drinks, lemonade being the most popular, especially good on a hot day. Other benefits of eating lemons include they are high in vitamin C, lemons are a good liver detoxifier, they have vitamin K known to help strengthen blood vessels, they also have antibacterial properties and more. Lemons are even said to help dissolve kidney stones and calcium deposits, help reduce inflammation, lemons have anti cancer compounds, lemons help you to lose weight and more. It really makes you want to go out and grab a bag of lemons, because it's easy to forget just how precious this perfect little fruit really is.

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