Lemon Pepper Fish

Fish is always an awesome, lighter option for meals, especially in the summer months when you want to eat lighter, or if you don't really like red meat too much. This Lemon Pepper Fish looks as amazing as it probably tastes, and is probably just as easy to make. Fish is loaded with wonderful nutrients, and has very little bad fat, if any at all. That's why most people opt for fish when they are trying to eat lighter, because it has a lot of protein and omega fatty acids, as well as amino acids that are great for our bodies. Fish is always super easy to make, and doesn't take a lot of time to cook either, making it a great choice. Most people who don't like other meats, might enjoy the lightness of fish a bit more then any other type of meat. It is filling, but not too heavy, making it a great choice for any meal.

This recipe from the Creole Contessa, looks so yummy, I can just taste it just by looking at the photos on the website. It is such an easy meal to make too, and has only a few ingredients, which I love. Nothing is better then having a great recipe, with a low number of ingredients, it just makes everything so much faster and easier, and less of a complicated flavour in your food. The fewer ingredients, the better. I love to be able to taste food for what it really is, mixing things that match it's natural flavour and complement, rather than overpowering it altogether. Lemon and pepper are always good combinations on anything, especially fish. This fish is marinated in the lemon and pepper for a while before it is cooked, letting the juices soak in to the fish. Mmmmm.... I can taste it already! Can't you?

This would be great with rice, and even just a salad, as a part of a simple salad on top of all the greens. I love to make meals like that in the summer time, and then you can just use the grill and not even have to use the hot oven on a hot day. This seems like one of those 'go to' recipes that you could use week after week and not get too sick of. Try it out for dinner one of these nights, or maybe make it for your next dinner party or gathering. This would be a great one to make for a dinner party, because pretty much everyone likes fish, and it is super easy to make, ensuring that you have lots of time to visit with your guests and that you are not fussing over everything until the last minute. Fish is always a safe bet when it comes to serving a group of people. A nice and light option so that everyone isn't just so stuffed after dinner to do anything, like play some games or enjoy some conversation. Everyone will absolutely love this dish and they will probably be asking you for the recipe, so make sure that you keep it handy and pin it on one of your food Pintrest boards for future use. You will probably make good use of it!

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