Lemon Shrimp Balls

You can never have too many dinner recipes to try, whether it be casserole recipes, pasta recipes, grilling recipes or burger recipes, there are always some variations or different ways to try different foods. These "Lemon Shrimp Balls," are just one more recipe to add to your collection of favourites! Shrimp are a great, lean way to add some extra protein to your diet and they are really high in iron too. Plus, shrimp are very low in fat and cholesterol. Why not try out something new for dinner for a change? It can get really boring if you are always eating the same thing over and over again, and it's nice to have some different recipes that can shake things up a bit. This is a recipe that the whole family can enjoy too, with flavours that everyone can appreciate.

This awesome lemon shrimp ball recipe can be served as a light dinner dish, or as a cold salad, but serving them warm sounds like it would be best. The shrimp balls have a hint of coconut flavor, with a simple lemon sauce that nicely brings out a hint of the sea. To cook these really tasty shrimp balls, you will need to use very fresh shrimp, the fresher the better, and always try to get some that come from somewhere as close to you as possible, or that practice fair, sustainable, and clean handling practices. You must also make a proper paste and make sure to fry the shrimp balls correctly. When cooking them, Cantonese lard is usually used in the paste, this is so that the shrimp balls are extra springy, tender and have a great taste. But for this healthier version the lard is replaced with coconut oil, making this recipe paste healthier while still keeping the shrimp balls tender, with a nice sweet coconut taste. Coconut oil is actually really healthy for you, and provides a lot of good fats that our bodies and brains need for healthy functioning. Coconut oil has a very high tolerance to heat, so unlike other oils, it does not turn toxic in the process of heating it.

For the cooking process, you can use a deep, heavy pan such as a traditional wok, a flat bottom wok or a dutch oven, this is so that you won't get any oil splatter. If you are using a gas stove, you will want to use medium heat to slowly heat the oil, you don't want to get the oil hot too quickly, or it spits out of the pan. For an electric stove you want to heat the burners to about 6 (out of 10), it makes the frying easy with zero mess. Another trick is to add enough oil to cover the ingredients, it may seem like a lot, but the shrimp balls will only absorb a tiny amount during cooking, you can reuse the oil later, and as this recipe does not use any batter, the leftover oil will come out really clean.

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