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You may not be in the market for a traditional log house, but you could still love the all-wood look that log homes possess and the countless benefits provided this type of construction. After all, given the natural, insulating properties that wood boasts, log house construction is among some of the most energy-efficient real estate that consumers can invest in. One surprising fact about log house design is that a lot of existing log house construction is not as rough, rugged and forest-ready as you might expect. Thus, even if you aren't all that thrilled about the idea of living in a log house that brings you extremely close to the great outdoors, you may be able to find a charming, log home building that you absolutely adore. In fact, a Victorian log home building is capable of providing the best of everything you want and need in your new home. This type of log house construction is all-wood, well-insulated, guaranteed to be efficient, durable, attractive, and located right in the middle of a popular, populated area with plenty of infrastructure. Best of all, purchasing existing log house construction will eliminate the need to hunt down a suitable lot and pay the high costs of working with structural engineers, architects and grading experts. You won't have to pay a fortune to get your own Victorian log house either. That's because there's currently a high-end, reproduction Victorian home that's situated on an estate-like, private setting. This log house was built from end to end with premium materials and in the decorative and ornate fashion that made the Victorian era so highly regarded.

Unlike a conventional log house that often has a very limited amount of interior living space, this log home building has large, open rooms. The log house also boasts a massive chef's kitchen and a cozy breakfast nook with a high-end Lacanche range. Although this log house was built with the Victorian era in mind, it's incredibly contemporary in terms of the features and amenities it possesses. For instance, in addition to the Lacanche range, buyers will also get their very own sub-zero fridge. The log house has a balcony, a patio and a wraparound porch. As such, you'll be hard put to find a log home building in any area with as much usable and versatile space as this one. Those who purchase this log house will have plenty of room both indoors and out for relaxing, entertaining, and more. This log house construction project incorporated oversized windows, higher than average ceilings and a number of eye-catching and truly whimsical details. Residents of this log house will have access to three bedrooms that include a sizable master suite. This log house purchase additionally includes a secondary log home building in the form of a carriage house. With this added structure, there are a total of four bedrooms on the property plus an additional kitchen for guests.

Located at 18528 SE 64th Way in Issaquah, Washington, this log house is situated on breathtakingly beautiful terrain. Thus, if you do happen to be outdoorsy, you won't have to travel far to find eye-catching waterfalls, gorgeous hiking trails, amazing beaches, and more. As a Victorian reproduction home, this top-tier property has a massive amount of character that's an accurate realization of the architectural and design strategies of yore. Just 20 years old, this property has been kept up to date with a number of recent upgrades. Best of all, the addition of the secondary log home building adds a lot of flexible and adaptable space. This extra unit is ideal for keeping in-laws, long-term houseguests and more. It can even be used for a custom workout room or an art studio.

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