Loaded Cheesy Mashed Potato Balls

In my humble opinion, potaIn my humble opinion, potatoes and cheese are both highly appropriate foods for breakfast lunch or dinner. This next recipe features the 'Loaded Cheesy Mashed Potato Balls' from Bev Cooks at Tablespoon. We certainly won't call this recipe a 'cheat' recipe..unless you love when recipes use boxed ingredients and love to cheat a little bit in the kitchen, then yes, this recipe is a bit of cheat..there we said it. This is said because it uses Betty Crocker mashed potato pouches. These types of potatoes are quite common in certain potato dishes, because they have an entirely different flavor and texture that you will love.

A bit more about Betty Crocker. Was there an actual Betty, is what I want to know. I know that the name is a trade name from the American Fortune 500 company, General Mills. The truth is, however, there was never an actual 'Betty'. There was a Mr. Willam Crocker who was the company director, but 'Betty' was only chosen because of it's cheery, all-American ring. Shocked? I guess not really, because in the grand scheme of things, it is all about marketing for many companies, and we all love to think there is a little ol' Betty creating these recipes in the big General Mills kitchen. A bit of good news if you are sad about 'Betty', the company was created by Marjorie Husted a home economist and businesswoman. The personality of Betty on NBC Radio was portayred by Agnes White for the first radio cooking show in the US.

As for the recipe, it comes the pouches of Betty Crocker mashed potatoes with a mixture of cheese, eggs, milk, bacon and more.

For the full list of ingredients and directions, visit the link below to 'Bev Cooks at Tablespoon'. toes and cheese are both highly appropriate foods for

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