Loaded Pub Fries

Do you love potatoes? Or, do you love eating potato fries, potato skins, potato chips, potato anything? Well, you are not alone in this thing. As a matter of fact, people all over the world consume a considerable amount of potatoes per day.

How versatile is the potato? It can be prepared in so many different ways. When potatoes are prepared in the form of fries or skins, they can be served as add-ons to a main dish, or you can have a sizable portion and make potatoes a meal onto itself.

One mouth watering dish that you must try is the Loaded Pub Fries.

Just in case you do not know, Loaded Pub Fries are considered a side dish, and these can also be good for snacks. The star of this dish is the potato of course. The amount you decide to make will be determined by the number of people you are feeding. It is easy to double or halve the recipe.

What you need to do is slice the potatoes into wedges, and bake them base to your desired crispness. The crispier, the better in our minds! The shredded cheddar cheese will then add a melted gooey cheesiness to them that will surely make you salivate. Crumbled bacon bits are one of the magical ingredients for the full flavor you are seeking. Sliced scallions will also add additional life offering a vibrant green color on the dish. It is best served with a sour cream as topping. Put as much sour cream as you want. It is all about your personal preference since you are the chef in this delectable dish.

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