Log Cabin Plans Under 1500 SQFT

According to the Log Home Builders Association, a log cabin is either "the best and least expensive kind of home in the world or . . . the worst and most expensive home in the world". Before planning to create your own log cabin, there are factors that you need to consider first. You need to consider the size of the home you like. If you have ample time, you may search via internet some architectural designs as basis of your plan to give you a scheme of the actual output. The cost that you have in mind should coincide to your main goal. If you are in a tight budget, consider drafting down the possible expenses you might invest.

The popularity of log homes is increasing all the time, with more and more home buyers wanting to purchase a rustic style log home or log cabin versus the stand wooden building style. These old fashioned, timeless pieces of art are more than just a home, they are a legacy and a part of our history. More and more people feel drawn to escape the busy manufactured pace of modern life and get back to a simpler more authentic time.

Nowadays, there are reasonable modern materials available for log building; so you can build up your own house with very little in the way of time, effort and money. Hurricane proof and fire proof with the right finishing, a log home is a sturdy and charming construct. You may have spent a long time thinking about the design and planning your log home, and with that in mind, we have assembled a collection of some of the neatest little log cabins under 1500 SQ FT in size. We hope that you enjoy them from our friends as well as surfing to Good Home Designs.

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