Log Cabins

According to many historians, log cabins were first built in America among the Swedish community of Nya Sverige (New Sweden) on the Delaware River in 1638. The Swedish society however stayed for only a few decades before they were taken by the Dutch Colony of New Amsterdam, which then taken by the English. The Swedish people were known as smart and hardworking people.

Up to this day, log houses are still an American traditional building. The original craftsmanship of the real stacked logs in the Colonial Periods is gone, and nowadays most log houses are stacked together using steel bars.

Although a young generation may see it as plain stacked logs, a log house is a home with a special appeal. Log houses are not complete without its detailed architectures and trimming. And what makes it special is the experience and understanding you have in that house. As for house builders, building the log house is a fine artwork in where they want the people to fully grasp the comfort and its look at the same time.

Log cabins are great for family, friends or couples on vacation. You will experience simple and peaceful life away from the hustle bustle of the city noise. You will enjoy and appreciate the simplicity the log cabin can offer. A Log cabin is not just a decoration, but it is a lifestyle worth considering.

There are many types of log cabins and types of logs as well. Depending on the climate of the location, only specific logs and timber are used to build the log cabin. They are also crafted in different construction method so that it will last longer and studier. Although a log cabin does not look as tough as the cemented houses in the city, they are indeed sturdy and are manually crafted and built by hands.

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