Look at What Magic Happens When She Puts a Cube of Ice on Her Carpet Dent

If you're looking for some great cleaning tips and tricks, you've come to the right place. Look at what magic happens when you put an ice cube on your carpet dents. If you have a carpet, you know it can sometimes be a pain to maintain. But the feeling of something soft and warm underfoot is sometimes nicer than just a cold, hardwood or tile floor. Even if you have hardwood or tile flooring throughout your home, adding several area rugs can be a nice addition to warm up the room and add some colour and texture to the room. In rental units there are more reasons why there are carpets installed other than just for comfort or aesthetics. Carpets can be a great sound barrier and buffer in apartments. The tenants below will report less noise from above from the foot traffic because there is padding under the upper tenants feet. Of course, carpet isn't going to block out all of the noise, but it certainly tones it down. It also absorbs noise and sound in the room, so it's not as echoey as a space with hard flooring would be. Even a thick hallway runner or a large area rug in the main areas of traffic could significantly reduce the level of noise from upstairs tenants.

If you have carpet, you're also aware that you have to clean them regularly to maintain them. There are so many great cleaning tips and trick for cleaning your carpets on the internet. You can use baking soda or corn starch to get odors out of the carpet, and you can use some gentle shampoo to get out stains on the fly. Deep cleaning your carpets can be done by renting a carpet cleaning unit from a hardware store. You just rent it by the day and purchase the soap you need to use in it. They are really easy to use and you're carpets will come out looking refreshed and new. This is especially important if you have allergies, or if you are moving out of a rental. Usually on the rental agreement, the tenant is obligated to clean the carpets before they move out since they were cleaned by the last people to live there. This way each new tenant gets a nice, clean apartment to move into. While you're cleaning your carpets, you may notice that there are those dents in the carpet caused by heavy pieces of furniture sitting on the carpet for long periods of time. Try as you might, the really deeply engrained ones can be extremely difficult to remove and you might wonder if they will be there forever.

While it's probably not a huge concern that you would lose your damage deposit over, it would be nice to know a way to get these carpet dents out anyway. Good thing Rent.com has some useful tips for life as a renter posted on their website to make moving in and out of a new place as easy as possible. Overtime, the carpet fibbers that have been pressed down will fluff out and come to stand back up again. But if you want them to come back up right away, simply take an ice cube and leave it on the carpet dent overnight. This will allow the water to slowly absorb into the fibres of the carpet making them come back to their regular form again. When the water has dried out a little bit just simply brush out the carpet strands with a wire brush to get them to fluff out a bit. Check out all of the great simple life hacks on the Rent.com website, even if you're not a renter, there are some really awesome cleaning tips and tricks on here.***

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