Looks Like a Stubborn Greasy Mess Right? Here's How to Take Care of It More Easily Then You Would Ever Dream

This kitchen tip on "How To Clean Burnt On Food In The Oven" is a great idea for getting your oven back to its own self. This easy to do cleaning tip will have your oven looking like new again, and you won't believe how easy it is.

Everyone should know how to clean burnt on food in the oven, if you don't already know how. Spills will inevitably happen and we wonít always get to them right away because the oven is too hot. Youíll forget about spill in the oven until you go to use your oven again and smell something burning. Whatís there to do, but use the oven anyway and hope the smell doesnít affect the taste of the food youíre about to bake? This will most likely happen a few more times when the spill will eventually just burn to the bottom of your oven and it doesnít smell anymore. Just when you think there is nothing that will take that burnt on stain off of the oven, you find out about the ammonia cleaning option. This colorless, highly irritating gas with a pungent odor, does work wonders on removing burnt on food from the oven. You will find on the back of your ammonia bottle that leaving a dish of ammonia in the oven overnight for easy cleanup of spills in the morning. It works pretty well so you will want to try it out.

Here on some tricks on using ammonia to clean up burnt food in your oven. First of all you donít need very much ammonia, probably only 1/2 cup will do, if you use more than that you will smell it even with the oven door closed. Make sure to hold your breath and plug your nose, and make sure not inhale it. It's really powerful stuff. Now before you open the oven door in the morning, open your window because air flow is good. And remember that when you open the oven door in the morning, be sure to do so with your nose plugged and your head out of the room for a few minutes. It will take a few minutes until i's okay to wipe away the burnt on food without irritating your nose or throat. The burnt on food should wipe away quite easy. A note of warning is to never mix ammonia with bleach or any household cleaning products that may contain bleach, it will create a deadly gas. Again remember that ammonia can be toxic and you don't want to breath it in, so be careful when you use it, plug your nose and open the windows, it works well, but you need to be mindful of the strong smell.

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