Looks Like An Awesome Kitten Idea Project

Are you a crazy cat person who loves their cats more than anything? These look like some pretty awesome diy ideas that you can make for your feline friends. People who love their cats will do almost anything to make sure their happy. This means doing anything from making sure their eating the best food possible, to making sure that they are getting groomed and pampered regularly. It also can mean getting them the coolest toys and cat furniture available. It's not silly to spoil your pets, and for many people who can't or don't want to have children, their pets are like their children and they treat them as such. It's important for indoor cats especially to have toys available to them so they don't get bored throughout the day when you're not around. It's also important to play with your cat for some time each day so they don't stay up all night running around and keeping you awake. If you don't have the extra money to buy the expensive toys and scratching posts at the pet store, these diy cool projects will come in really handy for you. Creating fun and easy diys like these ones from DIY & Crafts is an easy and affordable way to give your pet all the coolest things.

DIY & Crafts has 20 of these fun and easy diys they have compiled to share with us so we can try them out on our own pets. Another reason it's nice to do diy projects like these instead of buying them, is you can customize your cat furniture to match your own home decor. For example, if you're feeling super ambitious and want a cat tree that really resembles a natural tree, there's a diy project for that in this list that uses real Juniper tree branches to get that beautiful, rustic look. It actually looks like a work of art in the home and serves the cats well with platforms to sit on and wood to climb up and scratch. If you don't have room for a full-sized cat tree in your house, then just use your walls as the space for your kitties to roam. Simply add some strong floating shelves to your walls with one of the diy ideas in the list, and let your cats enjoy chilling on the walls. Cats love to be up above the main floor, looking down on things, probably part of their regal mentality but also for primal hunting and protection instincts.

One of the not so pleasant yet natural things that comes with having a cat as a pet is the litter box. People would rather not have to see their cat's litter box all the time, so they try to keep it in the most inconspicuous area of the house. If that's not available, you can create your own concealed cat litter area complete with storage and a concealed door for the cat to enter and exit through. If you totally don't like the litter from your cat's box being tracked all over the house, there's also a great idea for a mess free cat litter box. If you're not up for bigger projects like these ones, there are also smaller diy cool projects like making a cat nip mouse for your cat. Cat's have so much fun with cat nip and it's pretty entertaining to watch them on it too. Another one of the fun and easy diys is the cat wand with little toys hanging off the end. Check out all 20 of these great diy ideas and see which ones you would like to make for your furry family members.***

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