Love Lemon Meringue Then Try This Lemon Bar Recipe

Oh wow, here’s one heck of a mouth-watering dessert recipe for you! If you love lemon meringue, then you’ve really got to try this amazing lemon bar recipe. It’s got three magnificent layers, simple instructions, and it’s bound to make you look like a pastry pro! It’s absolutely impossible to mess up.

There’s something so special about lemon meringue… Something that makes you so happy just thinking about it! And to actually taste it is like biting into a mid-summer’s daydream. That’s why we particularly love making lemon meringue in the winter months, because its tangy citrus flavour reminds us so much of sweet summer – promising its sweet return. This lemon meringue dessert really has something for everyone too. Imagine its three layers – the firm shortbread foundation, the lemony custard middle, and the – optional but oh-so-necessary lemon meringue top! Imagine how well these three layers taste when they are all together. At this point, we should say - if you don’t have much time, you can stop after the second layer and simply sprinkle a little confectioner’s sugar on top of the lemon custard, but if you want a little bit more zippity-doo-da, then please be sure to add the MERINGUE! It really isn’t the same without it, and it’s really just one simple additional step. If you’ve got an extra egg white hanging around and a ziplock bag, you’re totally in business.

Technically speaking, this dessert recipe is for a lemon meringue pie but because of the square baking pan we’re using to make it, and the squares we’re cutting it into, we’re calling them lemon cookies or more succinctly lemon “bars” or “squares”.

And now let’s talk a little about the ingredients for this lovely lemon meringue recipe. This dessert recipe calls for a whole stick of butter! This may seem extreme, but you simply cannot make shortbread cookie dough without using this much butter. And to make your life easier, please do make sure it’s at room temperature so it will be easy to mix with the other ingredients. There’s nothing worse than trying to stir cold butter!

And, of course, this lemon bar recipe calls for lemons, but please – oh please - make sure you use real lemons and real lemon zest – you really do not want the synthetic stuff that comes in a bottle or squirts out of a cute plastic lemon! This is for the best possible flavour and to make your dessert as healthy as possible. Nothing comes close to real lemons when you are making lemon squares and lemon meringue pie! And here’s a neat trick for cutting your squares. Fill a glass with super warm water and then, as you are cutting out your lemon bars, dip it into the water from time to time to keep it from getting too dirty. Dry it off with a cloth and then carry on!

As far as lemon custard and lemon meringue are concerned, it is always the best idea to serve them cold! Put them in the fridge for a while to chill them and you cannot go wrong. This brings out their full flavour as well as firms them up so the texture is perfect. There is just something so appetizing about the way these three layers fit together. One last little tip before you begin making your lemon meringue custard bars: use a timer for the baking time! That way, your shortbread and custard will turn out brilliantly every time. Okay, that’s it! Now go get cookin’!

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