I love horses! I always have and always will. There is something about horses that I find so fascinating. They are graceful yet confident and powerful, are full of personality and emotion, and just absolutely stunning as creatures. Have you ever even seen an unattractive horse? Whether in the wild or perfectly groomed and primped up, horses are probably one of the most elegantly created animals on this planet. Who doesn't love a horse?

Horses have been such an integral part of our human history. Just think about it for a moment. Where would we really be if we didn't have horses around? We have traveled endless nights and vast distances horseback, discovering new lands, fighting different wars and battles, or what about cultivating soils, churning up the lands for settlement? Horses have guided us, protected us, entertained us, and cared for us. Its fair to really say that we should be calling horses 'man's best friend' as they've seen us move through history and evolve as a species ourselves.

The bond between man and horse is something very special. Unspoken communication of understanding and patience. If you have ever had the wonderful opportunity to interact or form a relationship with a horse, you know exactly what I am talking about. Its special isn't it? I have grown up spending time with horses, taking care of them, enjoying their company, riding out in the wild and in show, and I can say with no hesitation that it has had the most wonderful impact on my life thus far. I only hope to continue to surround myself when I can with these incredible animals and some day, hopefully, have my own horse farm, just like when I was growing up. If I can share this wonderful bond and interaction with my children...Oo that would be my dream come true.

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