Lovesick Woman, Dumped by Boyfriend Spends Entire Week in KFC

Going through a heartbreak is not that easy. Itís like being in underwater for a long time and you need to breathe. Moving on is the hardest part after the breakup as we already build our lives with someone who we think we canít live without. We learn to trust them, we learn to care, and then, all of a sudden their gone! This could actually leave people with anger, most of the time sorrow and some serious questions left unanswered; about our future and about ourselves.

This article became a bit of a human interest story. Most people may stay at home, or go to a bar to get over a broken heart, but in the case of Tan Shen; a 26 years old young woman from China, found her comfort and solace hanging out at KFC for a couple of days and her unique broken heart story became a news item. The story goes on about how she just stopped at a KFC store as a place to get some comfort food and to have some time to think about her ex boyfriend and the breakup.

Time just slipped by, she found herself eating and thinking and realizing that she doesn't want to go home as the memories of her boyfriend were too fresh and it makes her heart ache. This KFC store is open 24 hours a day and has lots of staff changeovers and the longer Tan Shen sat the more concerned the staff became. When approached by the local media and asked if she was okay, she said she just needed a place to think.

Staying optimistic is a lot easier said than done, but always believe that time will eventually heal everything from the past. Smile as much as you can and if possible always remind yourself that you are lucky enough God saved you in a wrong person. Worry less whenever you are dumped, because sooner or later they will realize that they are picking stones instead of keeping diamonds. Starting today, learn to live, laugh and love every single day!

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