Low Carb Cheesy Stuffed Peppers

I love stuffed peppers as using the outer shell of the pepper is a great way to add nutrients (and cut calories) to a meal. Peppers are full of vitamins A and C and the family loves them! Make sure you hollow out the peppers by removing the ribs and the seeds inside prior to filling them. I have made a few variations of this recipe, as a lot of the "stuffed" pepper recipes use rice or bread crumbs, which is not suitable for low-carb dieters. A carb-o-phobes alternative to rice is cauliflower! Just chop/mash the cauliflower up pretty fine and make your own cauliflower rice. Another vegetarian substitution for a low-carb diet, is using Taboli instead of rice. I love adding quinoa to my stuffed peppers! Super healthy and packed with flavor but without the extra calories! If you want to switch the meat and want a moist, low-fat substitute, I recommend trying low fat Turkey or chicken and for an Italian style try adding a half of a pound of ground sausage (hot/mild - your choice). Another way to switch up the recipe is by using different peppers (green, orange, red and yellow ones) and to add some chili's or spicy flavoring (Pro-tip: You can adjust the amount and type of chili's to suit your spiciness level). This classic "comfort food" dish is easy to prepare and a quick way to use up the leftover ingredients is to make a "stuffed pepper soup" or a casserole. I have even made the recipe into a "Mexican style", by adding salsa, black beans, corn, brown rice and taco seasoning for flavor! One thing I do recommend is adding salt to the peppers directly (not in the filling). If you make the recipe without salt, the peppers tend to be bland as they are just cases for the filling. But when you add salt to the peppers they transform and become a sweet/savory part of the meal. If you want to try a great stuffed pepper recipe, click on the link below to visit 'Carmen's Kitchen' blog!

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