Loyalty Over Anything

Loyalty is one of the most important virtues there is. And while it might be a simple concept, it is not something that a lot of people seem to own. Loyalty means having the backs of the people you love, even if they aren't in your life anymore. Humans learn at an early age, often because of disappointment at a lack of loyalty from someone just how important this virtue is. And people who will defend your name when you are not around, are some of the most loyal friends you could ever get. Loyalty is a virtue you will find out as you go along in life, through breakups, friends, family and more. Loyalty might be used against you in a breakup, through gossip and more. A true test of character is how you act out when friends and family wrong you. Loyalty is the key to many relationships whether it be family, partners, or exes. Loyalty is also the freedom to feel safe being yourself.

Loyalty can be defined as a devotion and faithfulness to a cause, a country, group, or a person. Philosophers might disagree on what can be an object of loyalty as some people argue that loyalty is strictly an interpersonal thing and only another human being can be the object of loyalty. You will find all sorts of stories about loyalty throughout literature. With one example being Josiah Royce who presented a different definition of the concept of loyalty in his 1908 book The Philosophy of Loyalty. According to Royce, loyalty is a virtue, a primary virtue. Loyalty is the heart of all the virtues and the central duty amongst all the duties. Royce defines loyalty at length, as being the basic moral principle from which all other principles can be derived. The short definition that Royce offers as an idea of loyalty is it is the willing and practical devotion of a person to a cause. Loyalty is not just a casual interest but a wholehearted commitment to a cause.

You will also find examples of loyalty in the Bible. In James 4:8 it says that attempting to serve two masters leads to double-mindedness and undermines loyalty to a cause. The Bible also speaks their being loyal ones, which would include people who follow the Bible with absolute loyalty. An example of this is in words in precious in the eyes of God is the death of his loyal ones found in Psalms 116:15. Many Jewish and Christian authors view the binding of Isaac in Genesis 22, the story where Abraham was called by God to offer his son Isaac as a burnt offering, as a test of Abraham's loyalty. And Joseph's faithfulness to his master named Potiphar and his rejection of Potiphar's wife's advances a story found in Genesis 39, have also been called an example of the virtue of loyalty.

Dogs as pets are one of the most loyal of animals. Other animals also have a large sense of loyalty to humans. Some famous examples of loyal animals include Greyfriars Bobby, who attended his master's grave for fourteen years. Hachiko, the dog who returned to the place he used to meet his master every day for nine years after the owner's death. And there is Foxie, a spaniel who belonged to Charles Gough, the dog stayed by her dead master's side for three months on Helvellyn in the Lake District in 1805. This is just one of the articles you will find on the Diply site. Other articles you will find include celebrity recent news, DIY ideas, life hacks, celebrity rumors, video and so much more. **

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