Make A Free Folding Picnic Table

Picnics are a favorite outdoor activity that many people love to participate in whenever they have free time. This is especially true during weekends and holidays.These events usually involve spending time with our favorite people! When we talk about a picnic, one of the most significant issues that first come into our mind, is the equipment that we are going to use. Things like utensils, foods, chairs, blankets and a table. How about a folding picnic table that can double as an outdoor bench? Sounds like a great idea right!

This compact one-piece folding picnic table can be folded back into a single bench seat and may place on a patio, the corner of the deck, or to your lovely garden area. Talking about the capacity when it comes to bench -mode, it can hold two people at the same time. When food or drinks are served, it can be easily folded out to make an instant picnic table. With a seat on each side that will accommodate two adults as well as two kids, one adult or four kids, or five kids (depending on their size, of course!)

The method of this work of art is all in the side frames. The bench/table is craftily assembled to allow the basic motions that alter the unit from a single seat to a two-seater picnic table and vice versa. And once the two side frames have been finished, it is merely a matter of fixing the seat panels and tabletop panel to the side frames, and perfectly adding the armrests. The armrests, by the way, also act as a brake to hold the unit from spreading out too far.

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