Make a Plow Disc Cooker! It's a Pretty Awesome Way to Cook Outside

If you enjoy tackling new DIY projects and you’re looking for a novel new way to cook outdoors, why not try making a plow disc cooker? It really is an awesome way to cook outside, and you can tell everyone you made it yourself. Just in case you’re wondering, a plow disc is a bladed concave disc, usually made out of steel, which makes up a part of a disc harrow – a farming tool that farmers use to plow soil for planting. Disc harrows actually implement a number of these discs which have a backward incline, making it easy for them to till the fields. These discs, incidentally, also make for the ultimate barbecue. You see, they have the perfect hollow in their center, one that almost resembles a wok. Their outer rim also provides a wondrous hot spot for toasting bread. It’s just so easy to cook with a plow disc cooker; they’re easy to transport, easy to clean, and even easier to transform into your favourite outdoor cooking appliance.

If you’re hankering for a good old-fashioned, outdoor meal – like, for example, sizzling chicken wings, sautéed steaks, steamy stir-frys, or deep-fried fish cakes – your very own plow disc cooker is a dream come true. So how, exactly, do you make one?

1. First, ensure your plow disc is made from durable steel and worthy of cooking at high temperatures.

2. Next, you’ll want to turn your regular plow disc into a cooking disc by adding two industrial-strength, heat-safe handles. Fasten the disc within vice grips, then use a Sharpie to mark where the handles will go. Get a center punch and hammer a minor divot at each of your marks. Carefully drill holes where the divots are, using a drill with adjustable speeds. Once the holes have been drilled, you can attach the handles using bolts and nuts.

3. Now, you’ll want to decide on the best outdoor heat source for your cooking disc. There are many to choose from – take your basic fire pit, for example, or a charcoal grill, or a propane flame of some kind – like one for a turkey fryer. If you opt for the charcoal grill, you’ll want to use a circular grill of optimum size, preferably 28 inches in height and 18 inches in diameter. The height is important because you don’t want to stoop while you’re cooking, otherwise, you’ll end up with a sore back. You’ll also want a grill that includes a removable cover as well as a grate. When you’re cooking with your charcoal grill, you’ll want to make sure the coal bed is red hot and burning well before you set your plow disc cooker on top.

4. Once you’ve created your plow disc cooker, you’re ready to cook with it. Try any cooking recipe you’d use a wok for. It’s also great for soups, stews, sauces, and anything you’d normally barbecue.

5. Finally, you’ll want to properly maintain your DIY disc cooker in every way that you can so it will last a long time. To do so, make sure you clean and season it after you’ve finished cooking – while it’s still hot. Simply add two or three cups of water then scrub it down with steel wool. Empty the water out and dry it out with a clean cloth. Once it has completely cooled down, add a capful of oil – one that can sustain high heat – for example, coconut oil or grapeseed, and rub the entire surface using a paper towel. This will help keep your cooker from rusting out. Be aware that its colour will darken over time, but this is a good thing. It just means you have a well-seasoned cooker.

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