Make Double Sided Rings out of Coins - Tips for Beginners (Watch Video)

Have you ever wanted to make your own metal jewelry? You can learn how to make cool DIY double sided rings out of coins in this YouTube video from Fence Kid. Making your own jewelry might seem to be very difficult, but there are some really cool diy ideas out there that show you how to make metal jewelry the easy way. Of course, there is the metal wire that you can use to create DIY wire wrapped jewelry, but if you want solid metal jewelry, this is a great way to get it without having to learn any complicated silversmithing techniques. Plus its one of the cool ways to recycle coins. If you're wondering if it's okay to alter these coins and make them into rings, apparently as long as you're not altering the ring to make it into a higher amount like a 50 cent piece, it's okay according to Fence Kid. This DIY tutorial works best with a US or Canadian quarter, but you could try to make rings out of a one dollar Canadian coin for a bronze look. These rings he makes are pretty big, so they're probably best suited for a man, but if you wish to make them smaller, just simply make a smaller hole in the center of the coin before you start hammering it.

In the video, for this DIY coin ring, he shows us step by step exactly how to make them. You'll need a few different tools that you may have to purchase from a jewelry supply shop or online. Most of the places you can buy the tools from are listed in the description below the video. The tools you need are a Mandrel, which is a long metal rod that tapers down at the end and shows the different sizes of the rings. You will be using a Punch and Die Set to punch the hole through the center of the coin in order to hollow it out, and you'll also need a mallet and a sanding block. The first thing you do is determine where you want the center of the ring to be and which side you want to face outward. Then you use the Punch and Die Set and the mallet to punch the size of hole you want in the center of the coin. Once there's a hole in the coin, you take it and start hammering it with a mallet until the edges start to fold in. Doing this on both edges of the ring will create that nice donut shape you want your ring to be.

Once you have the size and the shape you like, then you begin sanding the ring so that there are no rough edges or bulges in the ring, to even out and bulging surfaces and get the ring looking and feeling smooth. It's pretty amazing to see the finished product of the DIY ring. It has some pretty nice designs on the outside as well as the inside. This would be a great way to commemorate a state or a province with the special memorabilia coins that come out. Or to give someone a coin from their birth year to celebrate a special birthday. Fence Kid also has DIY videos showing us how to make smaller coin rings which would be better for ladies. So if you're looking for some great ways to recycle old coins or you just want a fun project to do, why not try this one out? He also features other diy ideas on his channel as well as cooking, gardening and home how to videos.***

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