Make Your Own Tea Light Wood Candle Holder

Are you tired with your usual tea light holders? We have a solution for that. This DIY rustic tea light holder that we have today is going to be a joy to use and to make. *winks* “What is that made of?” It is made of wood, bro! That makes it rustic but fashionable. “That is so cool! Let’s go make it!” Not so fast, love. I'm pretty sure that not all of us here are familiar with tea lights, and I admit, I belong to the group. But people, there is always a time to learn. And that time starts now. *winks*

Tea light is a “candle encased in a thin metal or plastic cup so that the candle can liquefy completely while lit.” It is also known as nightlight. It is small, circular, wider than their height and great news for everyone! They’re inexpensive. And also, they look very cute. *winks* Anyway, multiple tea lights are often burned at the same time because of their “small size and low level of light.” Tea lights are used in food warmers, like in fondues. “I use tea lights as accent lighting and sometimes, I let them float in water as a décor.” That’s one of its uses too! If ever I have tea lights, I’ll use them as decorations. *winks* Tea lights have a cup-like design. For the design, “the wick is tethered to a piece of metal to stop it from floating to the top of the molten wax and burning out before the wax does.” It takes 3 to 5 hours for them to burn. Tea lights have various shapes and sizes. One common type is the circular tea light. It is approximately 38mm diameter by 16mm high, with white unscented wax. For tea light holders, metals, glass, ceramics, and other materials may be used.

And for a change, try this rustic tea light wood candle holder. Do you want to have this at home? Just click on Fancy’s link below and it will lead you. Enjoy! *winks*

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