Malted Nutella and Biscoff Brownie Torte

This layered "Malted Nutella and Biscoff Brownie Torte" recipe is an eye catcher, and the perfect heavenly cake to serve at parties. You can add scoops of ice cream or whipped cream, to make this dessert recipe even better.

Nutella and Biscoff are European dessert spreads that can most often be found at grocery stores in the United States. For the brownie layer the ingredients you will need include butter, chopped unsweetened bakers chocolate, granulated sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, all purpose flour sifted, salt and baking soda. To start the brownie layer preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. In a medium saucepan over medium low heat, melt butter and chocolate and stir until smooth. Transfer to a large bowl and whisk in sugar. Add the eggs, one at a time, whisking well after each addition. Whisk in vanilla, flour, salt and baking soda. Pour into three greased and floured 9-inch round baking pans. Bake for 23-25 minutes. This is a recipe that people will be raving about for a while.

Chocolate is one of the most popular food types and flavors in the world, and a large number of foodstuffs involving chocolate have been created. Gifts of chocolate molded into different shapes have become traditional on certain holidays. Chocolate is also used in cold and hot beverages such as chocolate milk and hot chocolate. Chocolate is made from cocoa beans, the dried and partially fermented seeds of the cacao tree, a small evergreen tree native to the deep tropical region of the Americas. Much of the chocolate consumed today is in the form of sweet chocolate, which is a combination of cocoa solids, cocoa butter or other fat, and sugar. Milk chocolate is sweet chocolate that additionally contains milk powder or condensed milk. White chocolate contains cocoa butter, sugar, and milk, but no cocoa solids. It is best to store chocolate away from other foods, as it known to absorb different aromas. Typically chocolates are packed or wrapped, and placed in proper storage with the correct humidity and temperature. Chocolate is also frequently stored in a dark place or protected from light by wrapping paper.

Hazelnuts are used in desserts to make praline, and also used in combination with chocolate for chocolate truffles and products such as the popular spread Nutella and Frangelico liqueur. Hazelnut oil,is pressed from hazelnuts and strongly flavoured and used as a cooking oil. Hazelnuts are a rich source of protein, monounsaturated fat, vitamin E, manganese and numerous other essential nutrients. In Austria, hazelnut paste is an ingredient in making tortes, such as Viennese hazelnut torte. In Kiev cake, hazelnut flour is used to flavor its meringue body, and crushed hazelnuts are sprinkled on its sides. The French dessert cake known as Dacquoise, often contains a layer of hazelnut meringue.

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