Man Places A Cherry On Top Of A Bottle and Reveals This Handy Kitchen Tip

Do you love cherries? Do you hate the pits? You are not alone. Thatís why cherry pitters are so popular in this day and age. But they are so darned expensive, and are they really necessary? We are here to tell you no, they are not necessary at all. You can actually pit your cherries all by yourself with just a few simple items you have lying around the house. How do we know this? Well, we just saw a great little YouTube video where a man places a cherry on top of a bottle and reveals this very handy kitchen tip! Yes indeed, this one comes to us from Handimania, a YouTube channel featuring all kinds of craft, handmade, creative, and DIY tips. Handimania Crafts the World is also an amazing website DIY and crafts community website with over a million fans from 45 countries! At Handimania, they sure know what they are doing. And they know how to pit cherries, too.

On the Handimania website, youíll find out how to make no-sew T-shirt bags, plant hangers, and cheesy garlic pull-apart bread. Youíll discover great ideas for home decorations, how to make over an old pair of shoes, and peel a banana like a monkey! And, youíll explore a host of tutorials on just about any project under the sun Ė including how to peel a kiwi fruit, turn a boring old sticky note into a butterfly, and the fastest way to cool a soda drink. And thatís not even a fraction of whatís available over at Handimania. If youíre interested in crafts, then you can learn how to finger knit, comb knit, make felted clogs, knitted snowy owls, and monster longies. You can also try your hand at making your own fire pit, natural cord wood floor, or wooden nail bottle opener. This is such an excellent website. It would be a great place to check out as Christmas approaches. Nothing like some original hand-made gifts to fill loved onesí stockings at this festive time of year.

But for now, weíre preoccupied with pitting cherries. This is a no-mess way of doing it, too, and, like we said earlier, itís easy and you only need a few key items to do it. Youíll need a bottle Ė and not just any bottle; you will need a bottle with a mouth wide enough for a cherry to sit on top without falling in! A long-necked pop or beer bottle would work well. Make sure itís empty and it is clean! Next, youíll need a bowl of cherries. Life is a bowl of cherries, right? But we mean a literal bowl of cherries. You can get these at your local grocery store, especially when they are in season. You will want to make sure they are organic cherries as they are much better for you than the other kind. They will be wax and pesticide free.

Not only are they delicious, but organic cherries are extremely good for you! Not only are they a rich source of antioxidants, they also help repair any damage free radicals have done to the bodyís cells. Cherries are very rich in the flavonoid Queritrin. Studies have shown that Queritrin is a very powerful anti-cancer agent!

In addition to fighting disease and cancer, cherry research studies are showing they are also good for easing gout and arthritis pain, eliminating oxidative stress, preventing premature aging, helping us sleep better, and even curing migraines. And these are just some of the benefits of eating cherries and drinking cherry juice in concentrated form.

So once you have your healthy organic cherries, you will want to wash them off, one at a time, carefully taking a moment to gently dry each one off. Do not forget to remove the stem from each of the cherries as you do this as well. Once this is done, thereís only one more item youíll need to find before you can pit your cherries. And this is the most important one of all.

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