Maryland Crab Cakes with Quick Tartar Sauce

There are just some recipes that bring us back to our childhood, recipes that our mothers and grandmothers made for family dinners. This "Maryland Crab Cakes with Quick Tartar Sauce," recipe is the perfect dinner time meal that garners being passed on from generation to generation.

When you live in Maryland, eating crabs is a summer time favorite pastime, with picnic tables covered in brown paper, silver buckets, buttered corn, french fries, cornbread, and the smell of seafood. This Maryland crab cakes with quick tartar sauce recipe is the meal to make for summertime picnics and get togethers. Crab cakes are an easy to prepare recipe that the kids will probably enjoy. The most important thing when you are making this Maryland crab cakes recipe is to use fresh, good quality lump crab meat. The creator of the recipe got hers at Whole Foods, it can be expensive, but one pound is enough to make six good sized crab cakes, which can feed a family of four. Some cities also have good quality fish markets that you might try and visit.

This recipe site is created by Jenn Segal, who used to be a chef but left the restaurant business in 2003 when her oldest child was born. Now she enjoys cooking for her family and sharing all her tested and perfected recipes on the site. The recipes reflect her life as a mom, and the meals she serves her family. On the site you will find tested and perfected recipes that work for you the first time you try them, with step by step photos.

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