Meat Lovers Pizza Rolls

Meat lovers rejoice! We have here a mouthwatering meat lovers pizza rolls recipe that is guaranteed to hit the spot. Yes, you heard right - all the deliciousness of a meat lovers pizza in crunchy roll.

This succulent dish was created by Lisa at ’Cooking with Curls’. Raised by two British parents, Lisa did not grow up on American dishes. But now a resident of Eastern Iowa, she is now a master of American recipes, as well as recipes from all over the world. A mother of two, you can be sure that her recipes are tasty, nutritious, and healthy.

This recipe requires only 6 ingredients. First, you need to make the rolls. Begin by filling egg roll wrappers with delicious meat and cheese, and then seal the wrappers. Then deep fry these rolls. When they are finished cooking, remove them and drain the excess oil, then serve with pizza sauce.

The easiest way to deep fry is with a deep fryer, but many homeowners do not have such equipment. Lisa recommends that you use either a Dutch oven or a heavy pot, and load it with oil. If so then make sure that you use a type of oil with a higher smoking point than the cooking temperature of 350 degrees, such as peanut oil, which Lisa uses. And don’t fill the pot more than half-full. This step ensures that there will be no spillovers of extremely hot oil, which minimizes chance of burning yourself. Also make sure to dry as much as possible whatever you are frying so that your food does not splatter violently and cause hot oils to shatter on your skin. Finally, drain the oil and remove excess oil with paper towels. Most of the grease and fat associated with deep frying are coated on the surfaces of deep fried food. So this extra step ensures that you are eating the healthiest possible version of your deep fried food.

These little gems look a bit like spring rolls, only with meatier, cheesier ingredients! Inside these meat lovers pizza roll ups you will find some nice seasoned Italian ground beef and pepperoni, along with some parmesan cheese and some creamy provolone. This tasty filling is rolled up into an egg roll wrapper and deep fried to golden brown perfection. Remember, you want to deep fry these pizza rolls until they are a nice golden brown with just the right amount of crispiness. The pizza sauce you serve these tasty pizza rolls with is a good combination. Again just be careful when using hot oil, it can be dangerous if not treated properly.

To start the meat lovers pizza roll recipe, lay an egg roll wrapper on your cutting board or work surface and place some of the seasoned beef in the centre of the wrapper. Then you will place your cheese slices, along with the pepperoni on top of the beef mixture. Next step is to take one corner of the egg roll wrapper and roll it gently towards the center so it is wrapped around the filling. You will want to be sure to keep the egg roll wrapper tight around the filling, as you don't want to have any air bubbles. Then you can roll the up towards the top of the wrapper and press to seal the edges.

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