Meat Lovers Pizza

Meat Lovers Pizza – It tastes exactly how it sounds! This pizza combines the great three – bacon, sausage, and pepperoni. Bam! It's the perfect trio of meaty flavors. Time to call over the guys and have a night of poker, cool brewskies, and some of these totally loaded slices. I have to admit, I am not one to really go out of my way to make pizza. I mean, its time consuming, the dough is either hard to make or hard to find the really good stuff, and then you have to assemble everything… I’m happy with my local pizza joints to order in – that’s part of the fun afterall of pizza night. But that being said, a buddy of mine sent me over this recipe and told me ‘you gotta try this’. So, I had a look over and thought, you know what, this Friday I am off work early, why not. Plus this Friday we’re scheduled to have poker night, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to have the guys try this out.

Its been a crazy week at work – you know those days, where its just non-stop and the only time you have is basically to eat, sleep, shower. I’m lucky that there is a Whole Foods by my office as well as some great and healthy cafes and restaurants. I’ve had zero time to cook anything at home – I told you, its been crazy busy with work – so its been take out after take out…after a while it does getting kind of boring. So, that being said, I was kind of looking forward to cooking at home on Friday. Even though yes, it is pizza. I took a look at the ingredients, sausage, bacon and pepperoni – seems easy enough and I know this amazing meat shop just down the street! Perfect! Gourmet Meat Lover’s Pizza!! So after work I went and bought all the best. This recipe is not as hard as it looks and it trust me when I say this, it's a real home-run. The guys were happy, I was happy. The only thing is now, how am I am going to be able to order pizza delivery!

Pizza is a very popular dinner and lunch choice in homes across the world. Typically in restaurants pizza can be baked in an oven that has stone bricks above the heat source, an electric deck oven, or in some of the nicer restaurants, a wood or coal fired brick oven. On the deck ovens, pizza can be slid into the oven on a long paddle also known as a peel, and baked directly on the hot bricks. Prior to using the peel may be sprinkled with some cornmeal to allow the pizza to slide easily onto and off of it. When pizza is made at home it can be baked on a pizza stone in a regular oven to have a similar effect to that of a brick oven. Another option when making pizza is to grill it, this technique grills the pizza crust directly on a barbecue grill. Greek pizza, like Chicago-style pizza, is baked in a pan rather than directly on the bricks of the pizza oven. Pizza can be made in a variety of different toppings, from savory to sweet. You can use different sauces over the crust and a wide variety of vegetables, and meats to put on top. There are also treat pizzas that can be made with chocolate, marshmallows and other sweet toppings.

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