Melt in Your Mouth Philly Cheesesteak

The Philly sandwich is a bit of a legend in the food blogging world. When you come across a juicy recipe like this one for the Melt in Your Mouth Philly Cheesecake from the Center Cut Cook, you just have to get out your grocery bag, head down the store and buy it! The ingredients in this recipe are a mixture of classic and new. Sometimes the hardest thing about trying new recipes is getting my butt out of the house, getting down to the store and getting the ingredients. Once I am stocked with the proper ingredients for a recipe, then getting down in the kitchen is the easy (and fun) part. I was lucky that I was able to find all the exact ingredients that were called for in this recipe as I find it very personally satisfying to have what I need when that recipe is flashing on my computer. Since it was a sunny day where I am living, I was able to go to the local outdoor market and find the freshest white onions, pepper and mushrooms. The peppers however I decided had to be the orange one because of all the foods in the world, I actually do not like green peppers. The butcher was able to cut me a nice fine cut of steak which I promptly put into my traveling mini cooler, and the baker was still there was nice soft hoagie buns that are a key of this sandwich.

After getting home and downing a cold ginger-beer I got to work with these sandwiches. I had only a bit of time before my hunger husband was getting home and I am a bit old fashioned, as I like to have lunch on the table for him.

The key to any good Philly sandwich is to slice the meat as thin as possible. A very good meat slicer would be ideal for this, and if your butcher is willing, then take him up on the meat slicing offer. If you are doing this at home, the chef at the Center Cut Cook so graciously shares with us her tip of freezing the meat for an hour first before cutting so it can be super thin. Unfortunately I did not have this luxury, so used the next best thing which was super focus and very sharp knife. Always cut against the grain and focus on it being as thing as you can make it. In the end, mine could have been thinner certainly, but that hungry husband of mine was not complaining when he bit into it.

For the full list of ingredients and directions for this Melt in Your Mouth Philly Cheesesteak, continue reading at the link below to the 'Center Cut Cook'.

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