Mexican Meatballs

Do you like eating meat balls? Canít get enough of your favorite Mexican food? Hereís some good news for all of you out there who craves for those mouthwatering meat balls and Mexican food. If you like experimenting in your kitchen for a new recipe, this one is perfect for you.

Have you heard of the Mexican meat balls? Yes, you got it right! The tasty goodness of meat balls with a Mexican twist. What comes into your mind when you hear Mexican food? These three are the most popular: Nachos, Burritos and Tacos. Mexican food is also famous for its jalapenos. You might be thinking what do these meatballs have? Itís up to you to find out. These are perfect for events or parties as an appetizer.

As we all know, a meat ball is made up of ground or minced meat rolled into a small ball. You can cook it by frying, baking, steaming, or braising in a sauce. You can put meatballs in spaghetti too! Just like the original recipe of meat balls, you still need ground pork. There are a few ingredients use that will bring out the Mexican flavor to it. Chorizo sausage, for instance, is used and combined with ground pork. Chorizo sausage is a kind of sausage that has a smoked flavor and originated in Iberian Peninsula. It has pork and paprika. This sausage has many variations depending on the country. Chorizo is encased in a natural casing made from intestines. Based from my experience, Chorizo sausage can be used in different dishes to add a smoky flavor. Just remember, remove the sausage casing.

To make it more Mexican, you have to add a Taco seasoning, add more queso quesadilla cheese and add diced jalapenos. Jalapenos are chili peppers used in Mexican dishes and originated in Mexico. Never heard of queso quesadilla cheese? This is a natural cheese made with part skim Grade A milk and natural ingredients. This cheese has a nutty and buttery flavor. It is also an excellent melting cheese.

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