Mexican Stuffed Shells

It's easy to get into a recipe rut, cooking the same favorite recipes over and over again, sometimes all it takes is a little recipe research, to find something easy and inspiring that everyone will enjoy. These "Mexican Stuffed Shells," are an original recipe idea, something that I've never seen before, but the combination of Italian and Mexican cooking, is sure to be a good thing. Italian and Mexican cuisine are probably two of the most popular types of food that people enjoy. There are so many great restaurants that provide a taste of culinary delights from their home countries, and we are so lucky to have them in our midst. What about mixing the two delicious cuisines together and creating one awesome dish that the whole family will love!? That is what Christy Denney did when she made this amazing looking meal of Mexican stuffed shells. This meal would be great for any night of the week or even to bring to a potluck or a dinner gathering. There is so much to love, pasta, tomato sauce, cheese, beef and all of the awesome Mexican spices... doesn't it sound great?!

This is a great recipe website by Christy Denney, who calls herself a foodaholic. Aren't we all, at times? The mother of three crazy boys, and two sweet girls, and the youngest of ten kids. Denney started cooking and baking recipes after she got married, and she likes to keep in shape after eating all those delicious recipes she makes, by running and learning moderation. The recipe site has a recipe inbox, a cookbook by Denney and her top 15 recipes, there are lots of recipes that are sure to inspire. She loves to share her recipes with the world in this way that helps her practice her passion of cooking and eating awesome food.

The Mexican stuffed shells recipe is sure to be a hit with the kids, who can even help out. To start the recipe you'll want to cook the pasta shells and place them on a baking sheet, so they don't stick together, next you'll stuff the shells with the meat mixture (which is cooked ground beef and taco seasonings), top with some taco sauce, and cover will foil and bake the recipe for about 30 minutes. The next step in the recipe is to uncover the shells, and cover with the grated cheddar and monterey jack cheese, then bake uncovered for another 10 to 15 minutes. You can garnish with sour cream and sliced green onions if you'd like. Denney likes to use mild taco sauce for this recipe, as the kids prefer it. To get complete instructions you'll want to take a look at this great recipe site. What a great, well rounded meal all in one dish. These are the kinds of meals people love to make in a pinch.

To read more about this recipe, visit the website "The Girl Who Ate Everything." where you can find this recipe and so much more! It might even become a regular on your weekly rotation menu! Enjoy your meal!

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