Microwave Fudge Recipe For You!

Who knew that delicious homemade fudge from your microwave could be this easy and tasty, and be ready to eat in only five minutes! This is seriously one of the easiest dessert recipes you will ever try. All you need is a bag of unsweetened chocolate chips, mixed in with condensed milk and butter. You then just throw it all in the microwave and let it cook for 5 minutes, and voila! You have delicious fudge, ready to serve in no time at all. You can then cut it into bit-sized pieces for the perfect convenient chocolate fudge dessert for any occasion. Not only that, this recipe is nearly impossible to mess up. With very simple steps that guarantee a delicious and fast results. The only part that requires a bit of practice is to stir the mixture perfectly while being careful not over heat, or underheat the contents for the best result possible. Fudge is a great dessert to make any time, plus, people love it! You could even play around with different flavours too. Why not try a white chocolate, or a coconut flavour. Maybe a butterscotch flavour would be good. How fun to be able to make your own fudge! People wouldn't be any the wiser that you made it in your microwave. They would just be so happy with some home made fudge.

Ever since I was a little kid at my grandparent's house, I always loved eating chocolate fudge served in cute little tins that make your taste buds squeal in delight. My favourite memories with my grandma was when she would hand me a tin and let me go nuts and eat all the different fudge variations, some had darker chocolate and others had different types of nuts mixed in. I remember my grandma painstakingly making them from scratch and that they were one of her favourite recipes to cook. However, there is no reason that they should be so difficult since with this recipe you can quickly make a batch of chocolate fudge in five minutes flat, which is great for me since I can't afford to spend long hours baking them the old fashioned way. Buying it can be expensive, and it is kind of a crime to buy it at a store or stand, when you know that it is so cheap and effortless to make in your very own kitchen!

This is a great video that shows you step by step how to make this tasty treat, and having a visual of someone else making it, always helps so much. At least I always enjoy seeing someone make something first, and then the method sticks in my mind better, rather than just reading it online or in a recipe book. There are so many other videos from this channel that you can watch to learn how to do so many other things! Are you ready to quickly and easily cook up these delicious homemade fudge from your microwave in as little as 5 minutes? Head over to 'About' by following the link in the description below for more!

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