Midnight Fudge Cake recipe, is a great name for a dessert. The creators at Oh, Bite It, have given all the chocoholics something to get excited about. This would be one of those dessert recipes that you very likely would wake up dreaming about, and it could easily be that naughty midnight snack! We are talking about a full on love affair with chocolate in this desert recipe, after all, just look at the delightful photo of this dessert.

Dessert recipes are one of those luxuries that people look forward to. This dessert recipe is easy to make, all it takes is a cake and brownie mix that gets coated with a fudge topping from a jar. It is so simple for those that love the conveniences of using mixes and pre-made ingredients. For anyone that loves the concept of this recipe but is more of an organic type of baker, than you can take the recipe idea and make your dessert recipe from scratch. Either way, this is one fabulous dessert recipe!

Baking, like desserts should be fun. Whenever possible, include the kids in your baking adventures. Yes, they may make a great big mess and get batter and icing all over their fingers, faces an in their hair, but it's great fun for everyone. Time in the kitchen not only teaches children how to do things, it also gives you a perfect opportunity for laughter and conversation. We know you may have had a busy week. You may feel like doing nothing on your weekend. Perhaps you plan to buy an ready-made dessert or do the baking alone as it is less hassle. If you have children, encourage them to be there in the kitchen beside you. Let them participate in the fun stirring and licking the bowl, but also teach them to be good helpers with washing and drying dishes.

For this midnight fudge cake recipe you will need a box of triple chocolate cake mix, a box of ultimate fudge brownie mix, and a 9 by 13 inch baking pan.

Then to start use half of each box of mix (you can also use the whole box if you'd like). You can make each of the boxed mixes in separate bowls. Then combine both mixing bowls into the baking pan, and swirl them together a bit, and bakeat 350 degrees Fahrenheit, for approximately 30 minutes or until the cake is baked through. Then let cool and gently poke some holes into it with a fork. Then pour the Ganache all over the top of the cake, if you feel you need some more Ganache, you can use some jarred fudge topping. This might be one of the easiest cake recipes you will make!

The Oh Bite It recipe site is created by a girl who is not a trained Chef, someone who doesn't take food too seriously. They just like to keep things interesting in the kitchen. All of the recipes on the site are more like methods, that you can easily adapt to make your own, or not. The recipes are all original creations, however some are just tweaked versions of classic recipes that we all know and love. You can always feel free to ask questions if you don't understand a recipe.

They like to experiment and be creative in the kitchen, because cooking should be fun. You will also find recipes with simple ingredients, nothing that is too expensive. You will find a wide variety of recipes on the site from appetizer recipes, breakfast recipes, dessert recipes, main dish recipes, bacon recipes and more. One look through the collection of recipes and your mouth is sure to start watering. Examples of recipes on the site include taco recipe, margarita chicken wings recipes, green bean casserole fries recipe, ravioli pull apart recipes and more.

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