Mini Grasshopper Brownie Delights

This scrumptious "Mini Grasshopper Brownie Delights" recipe has mint frosting, dark chocolate and lots of mint to create a perfectly delicious bite. There's just some things that go together, like mint and dark chocolate, they were just meant to be!

You'll have trouble just having one of these mini grasshopper brownie delights, the mint and dark chocolate make the best combination. This mini grasshopper brownie delight recipe will look good on any dessert table. The cupcake topping for this recipe is one of the best parts. The ingredients you will need for the brownie frosting include softened unsalted butter, peppermint extract, confectioners sugar, optional green food colouring, canola oil, and broken into pieces mint chocolates. To start the brownie frosting recipe ream together the softened butter, peppermint extract, and confectioner's sugar until smooth. Add some milk if the frosting appears to be too thick and is not easily spreadable. Dye the frosting with a desired amount of food coloring (this step is optional).

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