Mini Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

These Mini Red Velvet Whoopie Pies look as good as they taste. This cookie recipe combines a creamy marshmallow inspired filling recipe sandwiched between two soft cookies. Red food coloring makes this red velvet cookie recipe a recipe people won't soon forget. This recipe variation on the typically brown whoopie pie recipe gives the cookie classic a whole new look. Whoopie pies have long been considered a Pennsylvania Amish and New England tradition. The whoopie pie is also the official state treat of the state of Maine. Adding marshmallow fluff to a recipe always makes it better. Did you know that the use of the marshmallow plant for dessert recipe dates back all the way to ancient Egypt? A popular marshmallow recipe at that time called for extracting the sap from the marshmallow plant and mixing it with nuts and honey. Other marshmallow recipes used the pith of the marshmallow plant, instead of the marshmallow sap. One of the most popular marshmallow recipes you will find these days is the s'mores recipe. A toasted marshmallow is sandwiched between two graham crackers and some chocolate in this yummy cookie recipe.

Typically a cookie is a dessert recipe that is a small, flat, sweet baked treat. Cookie recipes usually contain flour, sugar, eggs, and either cooking oil, butter or another oil or fat. Cookie recipes may also include ingredients such as oats, raisins, chocolate chips or nuts. Cookies can be mass-produced, or made at home or in small bakeries. Cookie variations can include using two thin cookies with a creme filling and then dipped in chocolate or another sweet coating. Cookies are quite often served with beverages such as tea, coffee or milk. In many other English speaking countries, cookies are called biscuits. Cookies are most often baked until they are crisp or just long enough so that they remain soft, but some kinds of cookies are not baked at all. Some popular cookie recipes include Italian pizzelle cookies, peanut butter cookie recipes, chocolate chip cookies, biscotti, shortbread cookies, brownies, fortune cookie, rum balls, Russian snickerdoodle, sugar cookie, tea biscuit, and wafers.

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