Mini Samoa Donuts

Donuts here, ladies and gentlemen! What is your favorite donut shop? Krispy Kreme? Dunkin Donuts? Donut King? Or J.Co? Well, whatever your favorite is, we can never deny the fact that donut is one of the most delicious pastries made in the world. Have you ever tried making mini Samoa donuts? If not, then you might try these Samoan-inspired donuts! They are not only delicious, but, look at it, it’s so adorable! The size is so cute! Ok, let us leave the size alone. But have you ever wondered about donuts? Well, for those who are quite unsure about it, let us have a little glimpse about our precious donuts.According to the Encyclopedia, doughnuts or donuts are “fried rings or globule of sweet dough that are either yeast leavened or chemically leavened”. The donut-making is quite similar to the bread-making. “The dough is mixed and shaped,” and after this processes, donuts will go into the next step, which is frying. However, some say that donuts are better baked than fried from a nutritional standpoint, deep frying however gives that full on donut taste you've come to expect. But either way, both methods make donuts delicious and unique in taste and each method produces donuts that get consumed very quickly. Let’s take a look about its history. Donuts are said to be invented by Dutch settlers in North America in the eighteenth century. However, this isn't proven yet and is still an ongoing debate. They call it olykoeks, which is a Dutch word meaning ‘oily cakes’. “In the nineteenth century, Elizabeth Gregory fried flavored dough with walnuts for her son Hanson Gregory, hence the name doughnut. By the late nineteenth century, the doughnut had a hole.” Well, with a hole or not, donuts are really delicious. Whoever really invented donuts, whether the early Dutch settlers in America or not, I thank you. Donuts: my great comfort food. And the great part is that I can make my own donuts. My own mini Samoan donuts. Now it is time for you to enjoy! The link to the recipe is found on the "Damn Delicious" website below.

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