Miracle Whip Hidden Container

This is something you really have to see. Now this is a pretty cool idea! How would your like to make your very own 'Miracle Whip Hidden Container'! I was not too sure what these people had in mind when they were talking about a hidden container in a mayonnaise jar. But, once I saw the video, I was so surprised and totally amazed. I think this is such a great idea, and the best thing is it is a DIY project that you can make yourself and you probably have all of the materials you need as well! If you are ever in need of a place to hide something valuable to you, and have some time on your hands, then you should totally try and make this Miracle Whip Hidden Container. What a smart way to make a cool, incognito stash spot for your valuables. No one would even suspect that your things were in this Miracle Whip Container.

Its actually really pretty simple to make, and you might already have an empty jar of mayo you can use for this project. It actually doesn't even need to be empty, you can even use a full one and just place the contents in another container or jar. All you really need besides your empty jar, is a can of spray paint in a creamy colour, that looks like the mayonnaise that would usually be in the jar. Then you just do several coats of the mayonnaise / cream coloured spray paint, wait for it to dry thoroughly and you are good to go! This is such a great little project. If some one is going to break into your house to steal valuables, the last place they are bound to look in is in a jar of mayonnaise, right?! They even show a way that you can place a little can of mayonnaise at the top of the jar, so that if it is opened, it will look and feel like it has mayonnaise in it. There is also a way that they show how to weight it down too, so that it doesn't feel too light. You would have to be sure to not make it too heavy in weight either.

If you make this great Miracle Whip hideaway stash spot, you have the perfect spot to put things that you consider valuable, so that you can be sure no one can find them. You can put all of your really valuable jewelry, momentos, money and more in this undercover spot. As the video says, burglars usually only take 8 to 10 minutes to rifle through your things before they get out of your house, so they don't get caught. So if they only have that amount of time, then they probably won't waste time looking through your fridge, unless they are hungry or something! They will usually look in the bedroom first, or in offices, where safes will be, and living rooms for valuables. Since there are always TVs, jewelry, and money in these areas of the home. What a great and fun project! Kids would love it too! Head over to ' Grant Thompson ', The King of Random' by following the link in the section below for more!

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